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To simplify boat & RV storage safely, and make it available to everyone.

Les Industries Iverco Inc. specializes in manufacturing storage solutions with its Canada-USA patented Navigloo Shelter System.



Founded in 2004 by a family of boat enthusiast, Les Industries Iverco Inc. is the only company with a patent for this type of innovation, and is gaining recognition for the quality and importance of its invention.

  • Patented in Canada and the U.S.
  • First marketed in 2007
  • Made in Canada
  • Distributed in Canada and the U.S.

Our research and development team is constantly researching new products and applications which allow us to respond to growing customer demand.

Navigloo boat shelters are more popular than ever! Boat owners across North America proudly claim ownership of THE ONLY ALL-IN-ONE BOAT STORAGE SOLUTION on the market today.

At last! A safe, simple and economic way to store your boat!


Innovative Business Award

“On behalf of the Government of New Brunswick, I recognize Les Industries Iverco Inc. as being one of the most innovative in the New Brunswick.”

Victor Boudreau, Minister of Business New Brunswick

Honouring the inventors

In 2002, with a few years of retirement behind him already, Mr. Robert Richard had the brilliant idea of replacing his traditional do-it-yourself wood framed boat shelter with a sturdy, easily installed, reusable one.

After discussing the idea with his friend and neighbour Pierre Beaudoin, the pair began to develop the concept. With some research and a little brainstorming about how to make it work they decided that, being retired they could afford the time to tackle the project, and thus embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure that thrives to this day. "Most of our motivation came from the idea of leaving a part of the business experience we acquired over the course of our respective careers to our children; this project was the perfect avenue for that.”



Best Cover for the money and great design too.

I own my boat for 12 years now and I went thru so many different kinds of boat covers until I found Navigloo.








Navigloo is the first and only product of its kind to be marketed in North America.



Navigloo can easily be installed by one person and requires no tools.



Navigloo is a space saver as opposed to permanent structures, Navigloo does not require more space than the actual size of your boat.

Insurance recommended


Navigloo is recommended by major marine insurance companies.



Thousands of insurance claims are filed each year for boat damage due to heavy snow build-up. That’s why Navigloo is the logical choice when it comes to protecting your investment.

Municipal legislation


Navigloo is not subject to municipal by-laws, as permanent structures may be.

Environmentally safe


Many communities are beginning to discourage the use of one-time-use shrink-wrapping as a storage solution. Its potential threat to the local environment can easily be avoided with the reusable solution Navigloo offers.

Recycled materials


Navigloo uses only top quality recycled materials.


Environmentally responsable


Navigloo is 100% eco-responsible; as opposed to do-it-yourself boat shelters which are usually built from odds and ends found at home and discarded in the spring, or expensive shrink-wrapping which isn’t reusable.



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