The top choice in winter protection

Navigloo makes the premier winter protection systems for watercraft.  Our products let you embark on winter with total peace of mind. 

Heavy duty and adjustable

Navigloo’s frame and ultra-heavy-duty tarpaulin are designed to suit multiple types of watercraft with ease.  Our systems offer complete weather protection for your peace of mind. 

Tool-free assembly
Save time and space
Strong and secure

Our products

Browse our winter watercraft protection systems.

Patented Structure

Our innovative patented design adjusts to all sizes and types of watercraft to meet your needs.

Navigloo Benefits

The structure is supported by ultra-resistant tubes that are fully recycled and recyclable.

Straps provide a strong hold and excellent durability.

These guards protect your watercraft and prevent rips in the tarpaulin.

Our materials are specially designed to be light and easy to handle, but still robust.

  • High-quality material 
  • UV protection 
  • Mould resistant 
  • Reinforced hems 
  • Heavy-duty grommets every 18” 
  • Reusable

Frame adjusts to all sizes and types of watercraft

C-CLIP clamps are made from cold- and load-resistant nylon.