About Us

Our patented system has made us the standard for winter watercraft protection solutions.

A trusted Quebec company for over 50 years

Ready for anything with Navigloo

Make your winter worry free. Discover why our systems are the best choice for protecting your watercraft.

Tool-free assembly

One-person setup

Light and easy to handle

Flexible system that suits any watercraft

Save time and space

Can be stored in small spaces

Convenient heavy-duty storage bag

Structure is simpler and safer than shelters made from 2x4s

Strong and secure

Engineered for Canadian winters

Prevents accumulation of snow and ice

Materials specially designed to prevent damage to your watercraft


Protects your AC unit and other accessories

Prevents damage from snow accumulation

Navigloo is 4 times cheaper than shrink wrap

Recognized by insurance companies

Annual cost
Annual cost 122 $ per year
*Over 5 years
500 $ per year
Setup time
Setup time 1.5 hours $$
marinas / dealers
Setup labour
Setup labour 1 person
+ no tools required
marinas / dealers
Reusable Yes no
Protective guards
Protective guards Yes no
Tarpaulin Ultra tough
Tear resistant –
non reusable
non recyclable